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Bygg starka värderingar som stöd i omvälvande tider

Vi lever i en tid av stora kriser och osäkerhet, det finns nog ingen som ifrågasätter det i dag. Under djupa lågkonjunkturer kan det vara lätt att tappa bort sitt syfte, vision och inte minst sin företagskultur i jakten på att överleva. Men jag vill snarare säga att det är just i dessa tider som dessa frågor är viktigare för organisationer än någonsin.

En stark värdegrund är en del av grunden för en framgångsrik organisation. Det är vad som ger ditt företag en själ och en identitet. Det är vad som får dina anställda att känna en stark känsla av gemenskap och syfte. Och det är vad som hjälper dig att fatta beslut som är i linje med dina värderingar, även när det är svårt.

När det gäller att navigera i en djup lågkonjunktur är det lätt att tappa sitt vanliga fokus och börja göra saker som går emot sina värderingar. Allt för att överleva… Men värderingarna, tillsammans med ert syfte och vision, kan snarare hjälpa er att navigera i stormen.  Plattformen av syfte, vision och värderingar är vad som hjälper dig att fatta de rätta besluten, även om de är svåra och obekväma. Om denna plattform är förankrad hos alla medarbetare så kan det skapas en stark kraft och vilja av att vi klarar detta tillsammans!

En stark värdegrund hjälper också till att bygga förtroende och lojalitet från dina kunder och partners. I tider av ekonomisk osäkerhet söker människor stabilitet och trygghet. Genom att visa upp en tydlig och konsekvent värdegrund kan du skapa en stark relation med dina kunder och partners som kan hålla över lång tid.

Så, vad kan du göra för att stärka din värdegrund i en djup lågkonjunktur?

För det första, ta er tid att diskutera era värderingar med varandra och sätt fokus på vad som är viktigt för ert företag. För det andra, se till att era värderingar får genomslag i allt ni gör. Och för det tredje, håll fast vid era värderingar även när det är svårt och obekvämt.

Tillsammans kan vi bygga starka och hållbara företag som är grundade i en stark värdegrund. Låt oss visa världen att vi är starkare än någonsin, även när vi står inför tuffa utmaningar!

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Challenge Your Assumptions: It’s Time to Think Again!!

Are you the CEO that still believes working with the organizational purpose is wasting valuable time and stealing focus from the important stuff that actually generates profit?
Think again!
Working strategically and practically with purpose can rather increase profitability in a more sustainable and long-term way.
Purpose creates customer focus, committed employees and an inclusive culture – your organization develop superpowers! 
Employees' potential and abilities are better revealed and utilized
Customer focus is increasing because it is becoming clearer what kind of impression, we as a company want to make on our surroundings
Our services and products will develop and improve in order to be aligned with our purpose 
All this contributes to creating an attractive and inclusive organization on all levels. You are now on the path to long-term sustainability and increased profitability!

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5. Position and Communication

Let’s wrap this week up with the final part of this series of the 5Ps – a framework on how to embed purpose in organizations.

We have talked about Portfolio Strategy, People and Culture, Processes and Systems, Performance Metrics and today, I will dive deeper into last and fifth P; Position and Communication.

When you’ve come this far in embedding your purpose, don’t forget to bring it out to the public.

My best advice is to stay true to your purpose and don’t fall into the Purpose Washing-trap. Fake or untrue expressions about purpose will be recognized as inauthenticity by the public. This will only harm your brand.

So, let the communication be aligned with your true purpose and let your purpose be aligned with the true you (the organization) – anything else will be ‘called bullshit’.

When purpose is embedded throughout the organization, your company’s position and communication becomes a natural extension of your core business - purpose so beautifully eliminates the gap between ‘the walk’ and ‘the talk’.

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4. Performance Metrics

We are almost through this week’s series where I dive deeper in the 5Ps – a system for embedding purpose in your organization.

Performance Metrics is our fourth P.

Purpose communicates what your company is and aspires to be and therefore the Purpose Metrics should not only cover day-to-day operations but also management decisions as well as transformation initiatives.

Truth is, what you seek to manage should also be measured – not one time, not occasionally but on a regular basis.

Same goes with purpose. 
My recommendation is that you identify the key performance indicators that are tied to the organizational purpose and then, you track them over time. 
This will not only act as an incentive for putting purpose on the daily agenda but will also help you to see your progress and if you’re on the right track.

Invite your employees and stakeholders to take part of the progress along the way. This reinforces purpose and builds momentum for more engagement amongst your employees.

Did you miss the first part of this series? Check out the latest blog posts and you can read about the 1st, 2nd and 3rd P.

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3. Processes and Systems

it is time to dive a little deeper in the 3rd P.
Processes and Systems.
Processes and systems look at the “how” of your business model: the operational initiatives, incentives and management tools your firm relies upon to create value. 
When embedding purpose in your organizations processes and systems, it is vital to look beyond your four walls.  
Look at your supply chain.
Are your choice of suppliers aligned with your purpose? Be brave enough to set some reasonable demands or be open to look for new suppliers that serves both you and your purpose. 
Regardless of industry, most companies can embed best practices in many areas of their organization; from kitchen composting and office supplies to approving and supporting employees to fulfill a dream or work from abroad for a period of time.

By embedding purpose throughout your supply chain you create this ripple effect where more organizations are being nudged into doing the same – together creating a more fulfilling work environment. 
Have you missed the two first posts I did about the 5Ps, you can find them in the blog posts below.

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2. People and Culture

Let’s talk about the 2nd P.

This week I go trough the 5Ps which is a framework on how to embed the purpose in organizations.

The second P stands for People and Culture. Purpose always begins with human beings and a feeling of fulfillment (purpose) is becoming more and more important for these human beings.

Start early.
Begin in the hiring process to make sure that the one ending up getting the job also shares the values that support the company’s purpose.

Also, remember that your people have a tremendous power. 
Employees are usually the single greatest force when it comes to “call bullshit” on companies not being true in their claims of meaning and purpose. Add to that, research shows that employees at purpose-driven companies are four times more engaged at work. 
Can you even afford NOT embedding your purpose in the organization?

Yesterday I wrote about the first P - Portfolio Strategy and Products. 
Did you miss it? 
See the last blog post before this one.

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5Ps that take you closer to your purpose

Did you know you can strengthen your company´s resilience and create more value, not only for your employees and customers but also for the entire business, by having a clear purpose. 
The 5 Ps is a framework and guide on how to embed the purpose in the organization because it´s not until the purpose is incorporated in all parts of the organization that you truly see the full extent of what it can do and contribute to.
Next week I will share a series on these 5 Ps where we dive deeper in to one P each day. 
Make sure to follow my account in order to not miss out on this!

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Do well by doing good

Do well by doing good.
With one year coming to an end and another one approaching, many organizations reflect back to see how they have performed in reaching their goals as well as setting new ones for the up-coming year. 
But it´s not only the traditional company goals that should be the center of attention here.
This year, also try look at your organizational purpose. Did your company walk the talk in 2022 and what´s in the pipeline for 2023 when it comes to living your purpose? 
An embedded purpose has shown to improve employee-, customer-, and investor satisfaction, which in turn contributes to better performance and greater impact. A strong purpose will strengthen the balance sheet when it´s done correctly.
Companies with a genuine, lived purpose radiate authenticity and do well by doing good.
So, is purpose on your agenda for 2023?

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Why are the majority of employees unwilling to step up and take responsibility?

Why are the majority of my employee´s unwilling to take responsibility and making their own decisions?
Well, have you looked yourself in the mirror?
One of the main reasons to why there is a lack of decision-making and ownership amongst employees within an organization is the management and its leadership.
An inclusive work environment creates security and trust and it is mostly up to the leader to initiate the process of creating this space.
An inclusive work culture stems from a leadership that is permissive, personal and transparent. 
When we outsource the decision-making to where it really belongs in the organization (amongst the ones facing the actual problem or question), we take a big step towards creating prerequisites to take on more responsibility. 
Decentralized decision-making increases flexibility as well as the ability to make quick decisions in order to meet the market's needs in new and innovative ways.
Looking oneself in the mirror is usually a great first step in many aspects of life. 

When did you last have a look?

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Innovation grows where purpose goes

Innovation is thriving in an environment where it is encouraged to learn and try new things. Where the employees´ thoughts and ideas are cherished, and they are allowed to try and fail. Because it is from our mistakes we learn and grow, as an organization but also as individuals.
This behavior feeds a certain culture; a culture where everyone in the organization has this amazing drive and passion about growing and learning, imagine what a place like that could achieve!
But how do we create a culture this inclusive and supportive?
Aligning on the organizations purpose is step one.
The purpose needs to be customer centered and keep the societies´ greater good in mind. This creates a collective focus, a sense of belonging and contribution.
It generates good energy.
With this collective force all eyes are set on the same goal.
Aligning the purpose might result in old patterns and methods being challenged and questioned, it´s an opportunity for new thoughts, growth and innovation. It also challenges you as a leader, are you ready to look at yourself and how you lead? Are you ready to change?
What characterizes your culture today? Does it encourage new ideas and innovation? If not, why?
What stands in the way between you and innovation? How can these obstacles be removed?
I´ve worked with many leaders across our country where I´ve witnessed them taking their first shaky steps in the beginning of the process to then see them (and their organization and employees) thrive in a culture where only the sky seems to be the limit.

Nothing gets me more excited than being a part of their journey.

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