Boost your organization to reach everyone's full potential!

Research confirms that the purpose-driven organization succeeds better at all levels; to attract the best employees, to create a committed workplace and finally to beat the traditional companies in terms of profitability and growth.

Den syftesdrivna organisationen behåller konkurrenskraften i framtiden!

Det ena efter andra beviset dyker upp som bekräftar att den syftesdrivna organisationen lyckas bättre på alla plan; att attrahera de bästa medarbetarna, att skapa en engagerad arbetsplats och slutligen slå de traditionella företagen på fingrarna vad gäller lönsamhet och tillväxt.

Leading Business - transformation into sustainable and prosperous organizations

Leading Business supports leaders to create an attractive and profitable organization with a purpose-driven culture. We work with you as a customer to develop a progressive organization with a purpose-driven culture where employees contribute and grow.

This results in a work environment where everyone wants to contribute, feels meaningful and develops both in their professional role and as human beings. Together, we create a committed work environment and a greater positive result for the business.

Start with activating your purpose and vision

We are here to challenge you as a leader! Research clearly shows what creates profitability and growth in the long run. But there is a big difference between knowing what is right and putting it into practice. We want to help organizations take the step and go from theory to practice and succeed in their transformation. The purpose-driven organization is about creating structures that take advantage of one of the most important assets in the organization - the employees' combined drive and creativity. Based on the organization's purpose and vision, with the right culture, processes and leadership, we create the organization that not only survives but thrives in the future.

what we do

Four steps to becoming a purpose-driven organization

"A small step for man, but a giant step for humanity..."

These famous words were said by Neil Armstrong after his first steps on the moon. It may seem far-fetched to compare organizational development with a unique moon landing, but that adventure began with one step and was realized with one small step at a time....

...so to become the company of the future, here are some clear steps you can take.



We support you to activate the organization's purpose with the help of a structured process.



In this step, we develop a culture, leadership and communication that supports your purpose.

Purpose Performance

Internal structures and processes are updated and adapted to better fit the purpose-driven organization.



We support you as a leader to explore your own purpose to become a role model for the organization.


Jobbar du på en arbetsplats med högt engagemang?

Har ni högt engagemang? Jobbar ni utifrån ett gemensamt syfte? Ta reda på det i vårt test som tar 5 minuter att genomföra. Resultatet visar era styrkor och potential att förbättras. Du får ett beslutsunderlag för resan till att bli en attraktiv och lönsam arbetsgivare. Lycka till!

What is Teal?

When Fredric Laloux wrote the book Reinventing Organizations, he referred in it to a new stage in the development of human consciousness and by extension also to a new organizational model. The organizations that work on the basis of this new model he calls Teal and they are characterized by three characteristics:

  1. Self-organization
  2. An Evolutionary Purpose
  3. Wholeness

Read more about Teal

“A purpose can act as a North Star, a guiding light that allows everyone in the company from the CEO to the newest employee to understand what they are all there to accomplish and provide a filter for daily decisions. It should be a mantra that represents the DNA at the core of your company.”


What our clients say about us

In their own words...

My assessment of Helene's work is consistently positive. The work carried out during the year has led to an improved work climate in the unit and has shown the way for further investments.

Maria Rosaria Galanti

Enhetschef Hälsofrämjande Levnadsvanor

Helene has coached me through organizational changes, difficult decisions and various challenges in my work, which has affected both the business and me positively.

Annika Hagman

Verksamhetschef, Medicinsk apparatur i hemmet

Helene has an excellent ability to package and communicate her insightful analyzes in a straightforward and clear manner. We have benefited greatly from Heléne's capacity during a number of projects.

Jan Roy

TIDIGARE koncernchef Parks & Resorts

Helene was very professional and had a good plan for our two collaboration days. As a result, the group came closer to each other and created a common goal for our work going forward. We are continuing to work with her onwards.

Vicky Lau

Projektchef, Locum AB


Take the next step on your leadership journey!



  • Onboarding for management team
  • Activate your purpose and vision
  • Create a strategy for the future
  • Road map to become an attractive employer
  • Ongoing support in your transformation


Purpose Journey plus:

  • An attractive employer
  • Internal structures and processes
  • Peer to peer coaching
  • Self leadership training
  • Meeting structures
  • Recruitment and onboarding

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