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Do you want to create an attractive and profitable organization by developing your purpose? Then you've come to the right place! Leading Business has several services within organization and leadership that produce results and create a purpose-driven organization.

Leading Business works with you as a customer to develop a progressive organization with a purpose-driven culture where employees contribute and grow.

This results in an environment where everyone wants to contribute, feels meaningful and develops both in their professional role and as a person.


Together, we create a committed work environment and a greater positive result for the business.

Leading Business is based in Stockholm but works all over Sweden. We like to work both with digital tools and physically on-site.

Lectures and workshops

Are you curious and want to know more?
A first step can be to book an inspirational lecture or a workshop for your management team or company.

Support during a longer time period

We support you in your transformation to become a purpose-driven organization. The efforts can be about acting as an advisor to the management team in your change work to more actively stepping in and driving the implementation work.

Different levels of efforts are described below.

Purpose Impact

With Purpose Impact, you get the tools and support you need to begin the journey of activating your organization's "why" and creating a clear strategy for long-term success. You will challenge the way you run the business and in the long run reach seemingly impossible goals.

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Purpose Expedition

We help you define the organization's purpose and then implement it in the organization. Together, we work through several questions that lead you to the definition of your purpose. Your purpose contributes to clarity, and authenticity and you all working in the same direction.

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Purpose Journey

The journey continues after defining the purpose of the organization. You are now beginning to act based on your purpose. Then you need to develop a culture that supports your purpose. You develop purpose-driven leadership that is based on a coaching leadership style.

Purpose Performance

You are well on your way to creating a self-governing organization.

 You begin the last stage by updating your internal structures and processes so that they are better adapted to the dynamic organization you are about to create.

Purpose Explorer

Many of us feel that the leadership role is complex, involves many challenges, and is often very lonely. For you as a leader to be able to keep your motivation high and gain strength in the leadership role, you need to have worked with yourself in depth.

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Heléne Ählberg har mångårig erfarenhet av att stödja företag och organisationer i utveckling av organisation, strategi, verksamhet, ledningsgrupper, ledarskap och medarbetarskap. Erfaren förändringsledare samt coach och rådgivare för enskilda individer och företagare.

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