Lectures and workshops in leadership development and Teal in Stockholm

Are you ready to get started?

A first step can be to book an inspirational lecture or workshop for your management team or company. Leading Business offers lectures and workshops in the area around Stockholm or digitally.

Inspirational lecture

Examples of content in a lecture:

  • What is Teal?
  • Purpose-driven organizations – what are they?
  • Why now?
  • Trends when it comes to Organization and Leadership
  • Progressive organizations / Purpose-driven organizations
  • What does the research say?
  • Effects in Teal Organizations

A lecture takes about 1-1,5 hours.

Workshop: How do we do it then?

Examples of content:

  • Lecture
  • Interactive exercises: What do the three perspectives mean; purpose, wholeness and self-government?
  • Concrete and practical examples of how others have done
  • Typical Teal processes, what can they look like?
  • Hierarchies, structures and roles in Teal, do they exist?
  • What do we take with us from these discussions?

A workshop takes between 2.5-3 hours. The content of the workshop is tailored to your wishes.

Workshop: How do we start a process in our organization?

Examples of content:

  • Lecture
  • What opportunities do you see in implementing a TEAL process?
  • What challenges do you see?
  • How do I get my organization involved in a TEAL process?
  • What do we want to keep?
  • What limits us today?

A workshop takes between 2.5-3 hours. The content of the workshop is tailored to your wishes.

The heart of the future-proof organization

We help you to activate the organization’s purpose and then implement it in the organization. Together we work through a number of questions that lead you to the definition of your purpose. Your purpose contributes to clarity, authenticity and that everyone in the company work in the same direction and for the same vision.

Focus areas:

  • Onboarding for the management team
  • Increased insight into your current situation
  • Create an activated and implemented purpose
  • Road map to become an attractive employer
  • Ongoing support in your transformation process

” Together with Helene and Jessica we at Decuria explored the TEAL-perspectives for 3 hours. This workshop made us land in a common platform on how TEAL is described based on its main principles. Through our minds and discussion, we also had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in what it means to us. Very rewarding & inspiring, can highly recommend Helene and Jessica 😊

Hanna Jokimaa – CEO, Decuria