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Purpose Expedition - Activate your organizational purpose

What is a purpose?

An organization's purpose is so much more than its vision, business idea or mission. It's not a trend, a concept, or a tagline. Purpose is the fundamental reason why the organization exists!

It is not the answer to WHAT you do, i.e. your services or products. Rather, it answers the questions: WHY is your work important? How can you concretely contribute to making a difference in the world? What is your raison d'être?

Leading Business helps you discover your organization's purpose and to activate it in your business.

Why should we define our purpose?

The organization's purpose is inspiring and engaging, both for employees and customers. This is what makes a good employee want to work with you or that a customer chooses to buy your products, they see that you contribute to something bigger than just making money and creating profits for the owners. With a clear purpose, we can create sustainable organizations.

Your purpose will guide and influence everything you do, in a positive way!

What do the studies say?

Many companies have challenges when it comes to being an attractive employer. Global research shows that purpose leads to higher job satisfaction and a better transformation and innovation capacity. (EY; The business case for purpose)

Research from Harvard also shows that purpose contributes to higher performance, which in turn contributes to better profitability and higher share prices. (Harvard; Corporate Purpose and Financial Performance, 2018)

A global survey of 474 senior managers found that while there is almost unanimity around the value of purpose in enhancing performance, less than half of respondents said their company has actually created a strong sense of purpose and is using it as a way to make decisions and strengthen motivation. Only a few companies seem to have entrenched their purpose in the organization to a point where they can reap their full potential.  (EY;  The business case for purpose)

How does the organization's purpose relate to the strategy?

An important step in implementing its purpose in the organization is to include the issue as an integral part of your ongoing strategy discussions. We believe that the purpose issue should guide the discussion and be anchored in a vision of a desired future picture. It allows you to bring the purpose down to something clear and operational.

Based on the future picture, you can, as usual, work out your strategies and step by step realize both purpose and vision.
Ultimately, it is about conducting a review of the organization's structures and values, to ensure that they are connected to the strategies.

We offer both inspirational lectures and workshops to take the first step to becoming a purpose-driven company!

What is Purpose Expedition?

The heart of the organization of the future

We help you define the organization's purpose and then activate it in the organization. Together we work through a number of issues that lead you to the definition of your purpose. (Read about our program Purpose Impact which supports you in this process.) Your purpose contributes to clarity, authenticity and to all of you working in the same direction.

Focus areas:

  • Onboarding för ledningsgruppen
  • Increased insight into your current situation
  • Discover your purpose
  • Road map to becoming an attractive employer
  • Ongoing support in your development work

Hjärtat i framtidens organisation

Vi hjälper er att definiera organisationens syfte (purpose) och sedan implementera det i organisationen. Tillsammans arbetar vi igenom ett antal frågor som leder er till definitionen av ert syfte. Ert syfte bidrar till tydlighet, autenticitet och till att ni alla arbetar åt samma håll.


  • Onboarding för ledningsgruppen
  • Ökad insikt om ert nuläge
  • Skapa ett förankrat syfte
  • Road map för att bli en attraktiv arbetsgivare
  • Löpande stöd i ert utvecklingsarbete

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