Purpose Explorer – Explore your individual purpose

The art of finding your inner leader

Many of us feel that the leadership role is complex and stressful. It involves many challenges and is often very lonely. In order for you as a leader to be able to keep your motivation up and gain energy in the leadership role, it is great if you have done some deep work on your personal development. In order to develop as a human being, it is necessary to have processed your experiences in life and gain an understanding of how they have affected you. By doing so, you can also gain a greater understanding of other people’s emotional experiences and thereby be able to become a more genuine leader. You can never lead a person or organization beyond what you have taken yourself in your personal development.

To do this exploration, you may need an outside coach or therapist who contributes with new perspectives and approaches.

What does Purpose Explorer entail

We are facing a paradigm shift in terms of future leadership and how we organize our organizations. The leadership will be characterized by authenticity, ie that you as a leader dare to be genuine in your leadership role. What does it mean? Well, that you dare to show more of yourself, not just go into a formal role as a manager. Your professional self is increasingly woven together with your private self. It opens up for us to be ourselves and thereby also become more confident in our leadership role.

In coaching, we start with activating your personal purpose. Finding one’s personal purpose, gaining a deeper understanding of what makes me happy and how I can become my best self, is extremely important to us as human beings.  When you have a clear purpose, you have a reference point for everything you do in the future. You will be able to make clearer choices for your business, your career and your life. You will be able to inspire others by being a more authentic leader.

Transformative coaching

I work intuitively in a combination with traditional coaching and psychosynthesis therapy.  I help to make obstacles visible. Together we remove what stands in the way of you being able to make a move and get the personal development you want. It also means that I will challenge and stimulate your thinking, feeling and your actions for sustainable development.

Intuitive coaching goes much deeper into the source of a problem or challenge than traditional coaching. It makes you realize who you are at your core as a person, leading you to discover your purpose in life. Your purpose will be able to help you find a new meaning, it will be easier for you to know that you are on the right path and create more joy for you in life, both professionally and privately.

With my previous experience as a management consultant, I can also be a sounding board for you in various organizational challenges. During the coaching process, I meet you where you are right now in your process. We always start the conversations by discussing the current situation to agree on where you are and what your needs are in this particular conversation.

Usually a coaching process looks like this:

  • 1-2 meetings a month
  • Availability via email or chat in between
  • The process runs for 6 months or more if needed


“I can highly recommend hiring Helene as a leadership coach. I had the privilege of being coached by Helene for five sessions with a focus on activating and formulating my own purpose for me as a leader and becoming more authentic in my leadership role. We quickly found each other and got a very good and rewarding dialogue and this despite the fact that all training took place across Teams. The training gave me new perspectives and helped me deal with several of the issues and challenges I face in my work. “

Susanna Helgesen


9 block för att locka fram din organisations potential

Vi guidar dig steg för steg, genom 9 block med hjälp av vår beprövade utvecklingsprocess. Under resans gång får du utveckla din förmåga och insikter i samarbete med oss och eventuella andra deltagare i programmet. 

Du får räkna med att programmet tar i minst 12 veckor  att genomföra och att du behöver lägga ned mellan 3 och 8 timmar per vecka.


Medvetenhet om vikten av ett förankrat syfte och vilka positiva effekter det ger för organisationen


Vad vill ni vara? Vilka kunder vill ni ha? Vilken kultur vill ni ha? Hur vill ni uppfattas?


Var står ni idag? Vad säger era medarbetare? Era kunder och intressenter? Vad är er utgångspunkt?


Formulera ert autentiska syfte och visualisera det med verkliga berättelser


Utveckla en kultur i er verksamhet som stödjer ert syfte och vision


Identifiera vilken påverkan syftet har på er verksamhet, internt och externt


Skapa en tydlig strategi för hur ni ska aktivera syftet med hjälp av vår Purpose Canvas


Planera för framtiden och fira er framgång. Visualisera syftet för hela organisationen!


Skapa en process för hur ni långsiktigt ska säkerställa syftets påverkan på er verksamhet