Purpose Impact

Purpose Impact- Go from Why to How

Develop an organization equipped for the future

Research shows that organizations that have a clear and activated purpose are more successful!

The purpose is directly related to the organization's strategy and contributes to higher engagement,  increased profitability, and sustainable growth.

By participating in our program Purpose Impact, you are supported in formulating a living vision, an activated purpose, and a clear strategy for creating commitment and participation throughout the organization.

With the program, you get well-proven methods and tools that guide you through the process. Our coaches support you throughout the journey and you choose if you want to collaborate with other participating organizations during the program.

Are you ready to take your organization to new heights?

With Purpose Impact you get the tools and support you need to start the journey by activating the organization's purpose and vision, and from there create a clear strategy for long-term success. You will challenge how you run the business and eventually achieve seemingly impossible goals. 

With Purpose Impact we support you who are a leader and who want to develop your organization and create conditions for a sustainable, profitable and  successful growth. 

Create focus in your organization

Our programs are based on you learning at the same time as you act!  Step by step you will develop your business. Each step includes work that you do directly in your organization. After completing the program, you have an activated purpose plus a long-term and engaging goal that will really make a difference!  You have also developed a strategy for the continued development of your organization.

You become a winner

Activate your purpose, start living by it and reach new heights with your business.  By participating in our program, you get support in developing: 

Go from good to better

During the program, you will clarify your current situation and understand what works well in the organization. Your activated purpose helps you to develop a strategy for creating an even better business.

An activated purpose

During the program, you will receive support in activating the organization's purpose. Together with your team, you explore your significance, value creation and impact. In the work, you involve customers, partners and all employees.

Strategy for success

During the program, you will explore success factors so that you can live your purpose. You will take a closer look at what skills you need to develop and what obstacles exist, as well as design strategies for developing the organization in accordance with your purpose.

Hjärtat i framtidens organisation

Vi hjälper er att definiera organisationens syfte (purpose) och sedan implementera det i organisationen. Tillsammans arbetar vi igenom ett antal frågor som leder er till definitionen av ert syfte. Ert syfte bidrar till tydlighet, autenticitet och till att ni alla arbetar åt samma håll.


  • Onboarding för ledningsgruppen
  • Ökad insikt om ert nuläge
  • Skapa ett förankrat syfte
  • Road map för att bli en attraktiv arbetsgivare
  • Löpande stöd i ert utvecklingsarbete

9 modules to bring out your organizations potential

We guide you step by step, through 9 modules with the help of our proven process. During the journey, you will develop your abilities and insights in collaboration with us and other participants in the program. 

You can expect the program to take an average of 14-16 weeks to finish and that you need to put in between 3 or 6 hours per week.


Awareness of the importance
of an activated purpose and
what positive effects it has
for the organization


What do you want to be? Which customers do you want? What culture do you want? How do you want to be perceived?


What is your position today? What do your employees say? Your customers and stakeholders? What is your starting point?


Formulate your authentic
purpose and visualize it
with real stories


Develop a culture in your business that supports your purpose and vision


Identify the impact your purpose has on your business, internally and externally


Create a clear strategy for how to activate your purpose with the help of our Purpose Canvas


Plan for the future and celebrate your success, Visualize the purpose in the entire organization


Create a process for how you will
ensure the impact of the purpose
on your business in a
longer perspective

What you can expect:


A clear purpose creates a strong sense of the organization's raison d'être, which in turn increases the willingness to contribute and take responsibility.


With a clear purpose, you can create that extra needed to create success for your organization.


A clear purpose creates higher innovation power with a strong focus on creating more value for customers 

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Heléne Ählberg har mångårig erfarenhet av att stödja företag och organisationer i utveckling av organisation, strategi, verksamhet, ledningsgrupper, ledarskap och medarbetarskap. Erfaren förändringsledare samt coach och rådgivare för enskilda individer och företagare.

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