Purpose Journey – Develop your purpose-driven organization

Challenge the hierarchies

The journey continues after defining the purpose of the organization. You now begin to act on the basis of your purpose. Then you need to develop a culture that supports your purpose. You develop a purpose-driven leadership that supports the organization’s purpose and vision. The leadership in the organization needs to be built on alignment with what contributes to the realization of your organizational purpose. It can involve a personal development journey to find your own personal purpose as well.

You begin to review how you are organized, what your organizational structure looks like. The structure supports your work to work based on purpose and vision. Hierarchies can be limiting for innovation and development. Maybe  a flatter structure would contribute more to your positive development as an organization? Then you need to explore what such a structure could look like for your organization. Everyone in the business needs to get a common “toolbox” to be able to communicate, give feedback and together create teams that can collaborate in an optimal way.

Maybe a renovation of the corporate culture is needed? Do your values support the purpose you now have activated or do you need to review the values? How well implemented are your values? Do you need to do a job here to create the strong culture you want to become an attractive employer?

You may define decision-making and advisory processes that support a flatter and purpose-driven organization. Mandates and responsibilities are distributed to where it is best suited for the organization.

Focus areas

  • Common values
  • Coaching leaders
  • Communication and feedback
  • Create high-performing teams
  • Decision-making and advisory processes
  • Responsibility creates energy