Purpose Performance

Purpose Performance - How to become an attractive employer

On the right track

You are well on your way to creating a self-organizing organisation. The final stage begins by updating your internal structures and processes so that they are better adapted to the dynamic organization you are about to create. You establish meeting forums and structures that better meet the needs for information and participation that may exist in the organization.

The development of a purpose-driven culture also continues. You get tools to be able to handle any conflicts that may arise in a good and effective way. An important part of becoming an attractive employer in the future is to be able to offer personal development for all employees. A very good way to do that is through peer to peer coaching, this is developed in this stage.

Younger employees set clear requirements for organizations to have a clear purpose for them to choose to work at the organization. Therefore, to be an attractive employer, you need to have a recruitment and onboarding process that clearly creates conditions and communicates how you live your purpose.

Focus areas:

  • An attractive employer
  • Internal structures and processes
  • Peer to peer coaching
  • Conflict Management
  • Meeting Structures
  • Rekrytering och onboarding

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Heléne Ählberg har mångårig erfarenhet av att stödja företag och organisationer i utveckling av organisation, strategi, verksamhet, ledningsgrupper, ledarskap och medarbetarskap. Erfaren förändringsledare samt coach och rådgivare för enskilda individer och företagare.

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