it is time to dive a little deeper in the 3rd P.
Processes and Systems.
Processes and systems look at the “how” of your business model: the operational initiatives, incentives and management tools your firm relies upon to create value. 
When embedding purpose in your organizations processes and systems, it is vital to look beyond your four walls.  
Look at your supply chain.
Are your choice of suppliers aligned with your purpose? Be brave enough to set some reasonable demands or be open to look for new suppliers that serves both you and your purpose. 
Regardless of industry, most companies can embed best practices in many areas of their organization; from kitchen composting and office supplies to approving and supporting employees to fulfill a dream or work from abroad for a period of time.

By embedding purpose throughout your supply chain you create this ripple effect where more organizations are being nudged into doing the same – together creating a more fulfilling work environment. 
Have you missed the two first posts I did about the 5Ps, you can find them in the blog posts below.

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