Innovation is thriving in an environment where it is encouraged to learn and try new things. Where the employees´ thoughts and ideas are cherished, and they are allowed to try and fail. Because it is from our mistakes we learn and grow, as an organization but also as individuals.
This behavior feeds a certain culture; a culture where everyone in the organization has this amazing drive and passion about growing and learning, imagine what a place like that could achieve!
But how do we create a culture this inclusive and supportive?
Aligning on the organizations purpose is step one.
The purpose needs to be customer centered and keep the societies´ greater good in mind. This creates a collective focus, a sense of belonging and contribution.
It generates good energy.
With this collective force all eyes are set on the same goal.
Aligning the purpose might result in old patterns and methods being challenged and questioned, it´s an opportunity for new thoughts, growth and innovation. It also challenges you as a leader, are you ready to look at yourself and how you lead? Are you ready to change?
What characterizes your culture today? Does it encourage new ideas and innovation? If not, why?
What stands in the way between you and innovation? How can these obstacles be removed?
I´ve worked with many leaders across our country where I´ve witnessed them taking their first shaky steps in the beginning of the process to then see them (and their organization and employees) thrive in a culture where only the sky seems to be the limit.

Nothing gets me more excited than being a part of their journey.

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Heléne Ählberg har mångårig erfarenhet av att stödja företag och organisationer i utveckling av organisation, strategi, verksamhet, ledningsgrupper, ledarskap och medarbetarskap. Erfaren förändringsledare samt coach och rådgivare för enskilda individer och företagare.

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