Do well by doing good 


Av:  Heléne Ählberg

Do well by doing good.
With one year coming to an end and another one approaching, many organizations reflect back to see how they have performed in reaching their goals as well as setting new ones for the up-coming year. 
But it’s not only the traditional company goals that should be the center of attention here.
This year, also try look at your organizational purpose. Did your company walk the talk in 2022 and what’s in the pipeline for 2023 when it comes to living your purpose? 
An embedded purpose has shown to improve employee-, customer-, and investor satisfaction, which in turn contributes to better performance and greater impact. A strong purpose will strengthen the balance sheet when it’s done correctly.
Companies with a genuine, lived purpose radiate authenticity and do well by doing good.
So, is purpose on your agenda for 2023?

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Heléne Ählberg

Purpose Guide, Teal Expert

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